Week 14

This week is the last week for the semester, and it is also the last week for my internship. I can’t tell time flies faster than I expected, I normally won’t notice the day is done until I finish my works. The internship I got is very easy and substantial for most the time.

During the internship, I improve my ability of communication, I am also leaned to how manage time well. A good design can’t be done only by personal effort but it also needs communication with teammate and their help; Constant communication, exchange of opinions, multiple drafts. On the other hand, I learn a lot of technique skills that I don’t know or I might forget.

The best thing I learn from internship this time is that you can finish the project by yourself, but you can make it much better and finish faster if you have partner.


I have met several challenges during internship, the first thing is that the time is often not enough in the first several weeks. The second thing is I need to work along without partner one day a week, it causes my progress slower; I solve this problem by spending several weeks.