Week 5

In the 5th week, I finally get an email back from CADENCE DESIGN COMPANY. We interview through Google Hangouts, he describes himself at the begging, to talk about his experience in the company and the introduction of the company. In the meanwhile, he also describes what my graphic designer job duties if I’m in.

Later, he asks me about the time section I work on, the questions about me. I’m doubting about the questions he asks, because it is too fast or too early to move step to another step. I do not ask because this internship is suggested from a reliable internship website.

In the last phrase of our interview, he suddenly says the office isn’t set up yet, so he will send me a money check through email to build my mini office at home. At this moment, my brain is filled with doubt, because there is no reason to give money to someone who you just meet, but I keep following the step he says because I have no experience about internship or job, and I really need an internship for class.

In the end, the Bank calls me and say the check I deposit is fake, I finally realized I am cheated by them,

In this week, I have learned that I need and I should know how to judge what real or fake is, and what reliable is.