Week 7

After the 7th week, unfortunately, I didn’t get this position of internship from that company, and she says they have better candidates for this position. Well, it seems I need to study more because I’m not good enough.

This week is my unlucky but also lucky week for me, because I finally get a stable internship from my friend, Alan.

Basically, I do the similar steps as before (2nd time) with my supervisor in the interview, and she is happy to have me to join their company. Yimi is my supervisor’s name, and the name of company is City Tech Air. The duties for our position is that designs a book cover, and create poster for events; of course, she also wants us to redesign the website, such as layouts and position of website, etc.

We are doing step by step at this stage, so the first project for us is to design a book cover for a book, General Education Assessment Workbook. By the way, Alan is my partner who works with me. After a period of discussion, I have sketched the rough designs for book cover.