Mystery&Suspense Storyboard (New)


One raining night, Milk is going home from his work place. He is only one who at the street. Suddenly he hear some footstep sound appear behind him, even there is heavy rain, he still can hear clearly. And the sound will be disappeared as soon as Mike stops. When he look at back, there is no one next to him, he is sacred, so he run to home as fast as he can.

Then he calms down when he reaches home, he think maybe he is over reacting. He decides to get a bathe then go sleep. But he hears the footstep sound while he is taking a bathe, from outside. So he run out from bathroom, but he see no one out there except lots of water footprint on the floor. He don’t think about on that way, because he thinks that are his.

After bathing, he goes to sleep. As soon as Mike falls in sleep, the voice is appeared again, it’s come from living room. Not only of this, the voice is closer and closer to Mike’s bedroom. Finally the voice stops, and the door slightly open. There are something hiding in the shadow, then suddenly door is opened, and there is wet monster comes out and charges to Mike.

On the same time, Mike open his eye, and wake up. Monster is disappeared, he says:” what a horrible nightmare.” Then, he gets up and be ready to go to work.

But is really a nightmare? Because you can find out some water stains on the floor on the another side of edge of room.

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