Week 10

Email is the powerful communication tool for people so far. People can only send mail and the progress is slow back to the old day, but email works much better, it’s easy and fast without costing.

Email is like mail, you can’t fix as soon as it is sent, so we need to be careful of mistake we may make on email. In this week, we will learn how to improve our email skill when we use it on business:

  • Double check the email:

“don’t write the name down until you are ready to send, what I mean is add email address at last.”

  • Make a good subject line:

“people will choose good subject to read when they have tons unread email on their mailbox, because people are very busy during their work time, good subject name can help them fast and easy to understand the content of the email without reading.”

  • Read email by yourself, fix or re-write it if it’s hard for you to read because people who receive email will also have same feeling while they read.
  • Use “dear, thanks, regard follow by your name:

“it is basic etiquette in email.”

  • Make your email easy to read, make it simple:

“as what I said, people usually don’t have much time to read email during their work time.”

  • Use your signature blog, phone number into your email, so people can contact you easily.
  • Use your professional email, which should include your name on your email address.
  • Once again, spelling, checking!

That are most common mistake people may make and suggestion people should learn.

In this week, I finally submit my design for book cover of “General Ed Assessment Workbook.” And my supervisor also likes it, I feel so happy and everything is worth even though it  takes much longer that I thought.

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