Week 6

In the 6th week, I receive another change for interview of internship. I’m happy because I feel my resume and portfolio which I re-design are working. I am requested for phone call interview this time, and I think that should be and how to be one kind of official interview for job or internship, which not like last time I met.

Everything works well, and the person who interviews me is a lady who manages the resource for her company, she doesn’t do the similar step as last one I met.

First at all, she asks me the opinions about their website of company. This company designs underwear for women who stay home all day.

After that, she interviews me with my portfolio, and I can tell you that because she has critic my artworks, and it seems she is very satisfying with my projects on portfolio. I answer some questions about what I know, and what I can do for them.

In the end, she says she will send me a result of interview in a week by email.