Week 9

Week 9 is the first week of improved period. We start to learn how to improve our communication skill, and understand the ways that increase quality of our products, sell it to people. We understand that we are easy to make some mistakes which we usually do not notice on our communication and workplace. There are different parts we have learned from class.

First of all, business card is the most important start for selling. It is the first impression about yourself people get from.

The first two important things on our business card are it should be included our products we sell and the ways that people find you. On the meanwhile, we should also include our media addresses, such as Facebook, Behance or blog. Of course, we should put our name, title, email address, phone and our career on the front side. That is the common sense we should know when we design our business card. Beside it, we may keep the clean back side or keep it for additional information. By the way, photography should not be included.

After we finish designing our business card, we are also careful of the ways we communicate with people. We shouldn’t directly give our business card to people who we just meet, we should ask and greet them first, then hand over our business card to them while we introduce ourselves. Do not forget to ask which way they want when you give it to them.

As soon as you start to work with people in a company or studio, there are ton of things we need to learn, and ton of common mistakes we may not know:

-no pay attention on our little things: such as gramma, position on our design (that is true, because design programs do not like Word program which fixes gramma mistakes automatically.)

-When you meet troubles or problems, we should google first, solve ourselves, then ask people.

-take your training: technology is kept improving, the thing on the first day may changes in another day, we have to keep our training on.

-stay contact with your people who work on the same place, to greet (say hi) them when you meet them, even though you do not know them.

-show interesting on your work, come no later than your worktime, no complaint: good attitude, on time.

Even though we already know these mistakes that we shouldn’t make, but it’s easy to forget while we are working.

In this week, my progress of book cover is closed to complete stage because my supervisor has designed the final design idea which is the first one I made. Later on, I create different designs based on the first design idea, they are similar but different, so it will help my supervisor to make a decision.

Beside it, I meet an urgent work with Alan, we are asked to finish the design of introduction/promotional paper on that day. It is a short time for us, because it means we do not have much time for research, and we also cannot re-design if it not perfect.  It has to be perfect as soon as it done. Be honest, this project waste much more energy from us, Alan and I feel very tried in the end, and we extent our work time since we need more time. But we have made it perfectly in the end of day. It makes us very proud.


Business Card: (right click to open link in new tap) 

Bookcover: (right click to open link in new tap) 

Urgent project, Citytech outcomes: (right click to open link in new tap)