Week 2

In this week, I bring my cover letter, 2 different types of resumes and portfolio to the class, but the result isn’t work very well for me, there are many mistakes on my resume.

first of all, resume is the most important item for applying internship. From the resume, people can read what and how you look like, in career area. In my resume, I put myself summary that let people know about what advantages I own, and education which stand for what major and stuffs I have learned. Of course,  my resume also contains my job history and my professional skills so that people can know what I have done and what program software I good for it. and also, professor said it is better own different language skills.

In the end, Professor said my resume is not good enough to reach a good sample of resume, because I have too many useless elements and icon which isn’t created by myself. My resume  need to be edited and bring it next week.

Of course, I also ready my cover letter and portfolio, but professor said to fix my resume is my first goal.