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    A very wonderful place that everyone should definitely go and visit is The Metropolitan Museum of Art AKA ‘‘The Met’’. There are many reasons to go and visit the met, it is a big part of New York culture and if you want to have a calm experience and take a walk looking at beautiful forms of art from all over there is no better place to go.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art has been a part of the culture of New York City because ever since it was founded in the year 1872. Its creation was backed up when Europe said they would give 174 paintings in 1871 (encyclopedia.com) in was created so the people would get access to a wide array of information all over the world, and contains a collection of over 2 million works of art. You can find The Met right here in central park, this is a wonderful location because you would also get to see what New York is really like, by being around around the museum of art. It really welcomes visitors, you don’t even need to pay it is all up to you, but it is suggested that you leave a donation. The Met encourages all kinds of visitors  to enjoy their stay so they can grasp a interest in the arts. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also the largest museum in America, ‘‘occupying an area of 633,100 square feet’’ (worldatlas.com) because of its rather large size it will take more then one day to explore all that it has but because of this it will keep you busy and it is up to the visitor to explore their hearts content  

    This Museum is unlike any other than the ones in New York, not only because of the size but how it was designed. In The Metropolitan Museum of Art it contains a egyptian temple. It was a gift, but it came with a condition that it has to be able to be viewed at all times. That is why in the room that it is in there is a massive wall that is just one big window. It is a great view to see and allows it to be viewed from the outside. The Met also ‘‘Provides a floor plan identifying the location of all the exhibits’’ (traveltips.usatoday.com) so you could select the exhibits that you want to see and the order to follow it in. The museum is broken into separate sections greek, egyptian, chinese, etc and it is constructed as if there were buildings in the building, this can be seen by going into the chinese exhibit for example.

    All kinds of people will able to find great enjoyment from going to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art because it has a lot to offer in its exhibits. The kind of person who would find the most enjoyment in visiting The Met would be a person who already has a bit of knowledge of the old civilizations like Greece, Egypt, and China. To really enjoy everything the exhibits have to offer you should be a person who can enjoy the value that art has in its age and reputation. New York has people from all over the world, and sense the museum has all kinds of cultures it would be a nice place to visit to see thing from your homeland.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art has always been a big part in the culture of New York City. It has been here for 200 years and has provided with it all kinds of exhibits to educate the people on other places of the world. It is a important part of this city, it is the biggest museum in america and attracts millions of visitors a year. The Met is a place where you can learn and you don’t need to pay a price of admission to see all that they have to offer, the experience is made to capture your attention and the tour guides make sure to tell you what you being shown so you will understand what you are seeing. It is a beautiful looking building that offers a lot to make sure the visitors will get something out of your trip.


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