Jubedel Andon Personal Profile

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Hello, my name is Jubedel Andon, I arrived to City Tech with the aspiration to become a chef. I am currently working as a server in an American Diner and I have been working here for approximately three years and have obtained experience in this fast-pace industry. With this experience, I have gained the knowledge and skills to manage a restaurant or oversee a kitchen. Therefore, I enrolled in the Hospitality management program because I am seeking to focus on the culinary and pastry side of the industry. I have a good memory from working at a diner for several years and I love the pressure given in this industry and for these reasons I believe I can strive. In the future I plan to a handful of experience under my belt. I want to get as involved as I can and I am very grateful to be in the Hospitality Management here at City Tech. From word of mouth I was informed that there has been many over achievers from the Hospitality department and I hope to partake in the Hospitality departments success.

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