my wikipedia experience

1. I typed up all the info I wanted to put on the wiki page in the sandbox. It was a great place to start because I actually got to see hot everything worked. When it was time to post I just transferred what I had over to the real wiki page.

2. Nothing happened to the information I put up.

3.It was an overall fun experience. I never thought that I would be editing a wiki page. It felt great knowing that i posted something publicly.

4. Something that was frustrating was placing the references and how I should organize my work with the work already posted.

5. A course paper is most likely only going to be read by the professor and he/she tells you exactly what they expect to see in the paper. It has requirements like, how many pages, size of the font, type of font, etc. The assignment we did was not so much about quality but more quantity. This had to be factual and you had to have sources to back up what you wrote. This assignment we did is good to do once in a while but more brain power is used when you have to write a course paper because it involves more thinking. I would rather do a typical course paper.

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