second post of wiki assignment

Hi class, i wanted to further elaborate on my wiki assignment as a second post. on the previous post i wrote that i had a hard time, but i didn’t explain why. when i began doing the assignment i found that it was pretty hard to find a stub that i was interested in. But when i did, the schools online library would have little to no info on it. so i kept on looking for a new stub. finally when i did, I wrote about a poem called Crow’s First Lesson, I elaborated about the author and showed a copy of the poem. But someone kept on taking the info down, after I read the persons explanation the stub has a copy right, so i couldn’t add anything to it. so after feeling good and doing the wiki assignment, I had to find another one. it took some time to find another good topic that I can add to.

The main problem that I faced was that many stubs had some info on it, but i personally was looking for one that was completly empty so i can fully add to it. their was a couple of stubs that  i took the initiative and did research on and looked to see what i can add to and how good it would be, but i changed my mind a couple of times on some stubs. I was able to find a stub and it was for  Charlotte Champe Stearns. I was pleased with this one as a last resort because it was actually empty, except for one line. I was able to put sub topics and add a couple of links and paragraphs. It was mostly the experience of adding something to wiki that i found was worth doing. And i encourage everyone to at least share in this action of contributing to wiki, you never know but you might enjoy it and constantly add to wiki as a hobby.

Enjoy your summer

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