Full Syllabus: ENG2003-5547-Gold–Syllabus (PDF)

COURSE SCHEDULE (Online classes marked with +):

T 1/30 Introduction to the course. What is poetry?
TH 2/2+ Western Wind (WW): “Before We Begin”
Theodore Roethke, “My Papa’s Waltz” (227)

T 2/7 WW: “Where Experience Starts”
TH 2/9+ WW: “What’s It Like? Simile, Metaphor, and Other Figures”

T 2/14 Imagery Quiz
Simile, Metaphor Discussion Continued
TH 2/16+ WW: “The Broken Coin: The Use of Symbol”

T 2/21 NO CLASS (Monday Schedule)
TH 2/23+ WW: “Binocular Vision: Antipoetry, Paradox, Irony, the Withheld Image”

T 2/28 Poetic Term Quiz
In-Class Writing Assignment
TH 3/1+ Paradox and Irony Discussion

T 3/6 WW: “Machine for Magic: The Fresh Usual Words”
Poem Memorizations Group 1
TH 3/8+ WW: “Gold in the Ore
Poem Memorizations Group 2
Poetic Term Quiz

T 3/13 WW: “Working With Gold”
Wikipedia Draft Due
TH 3/15+ WW: “The Dancer and the Dance”
Wikipedia Post Due

T 3/20 Mid-Term Exam
TH 3/22+ WW: “Different Drummers”

T 3/27 Rhythm Discussion continued
Rhythm Quiz
TH 3/29+ WW: “The Shape of Thought” Gold – ENG 2003 – 5547 SP12 6

T 4/3 WW: “Golden Numbers”
TH 4/5+ TBA

T 4/10 No Class – Spring Recess
TH 4/12+ No Class – Spring Recess

T 4/17 WW: “A Head on Its Shoulders”
TH 4/19+ WW: “Adam’s Curse”

T 4/24 Single Poet Studies: Walt Whitman
TH 4/26+ Single Poet Studies: Emily Dickinson

T 5/1 Paper #2 Draft Due
Draft Workshop
TH 5/3+ Single Poet Studies: T.S. Eliot

T 5/8 Single Poet Studies: Jay-Z
TH 5/10+ Single Poet Studies: Class Choice
Paper #2 Due

T 5/15 Review for Final
TH 5/19 Final Exam, Part I

T 5/22 Final Exam, Part II
TH 5/24+ Closing Ceremonies/Favorite Poem Readings

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