Feb 2nd post – Raciel

To me poetry is a complex form of art, for instance visual art such as paintings, sculptures, photographs and so on; all have their special kind of technique. The artist creating the piece is trying to express a certain emotion or idea as best they can to catch the viewers attention. In order to create a masterpiece, a simple idea turns into a long uneasy procedure to have the message properly expressed. Poets are literary artist that go through this same situation, and depending on what they want to express it can vary because of the emotion being focused on. Visual art can be easily “looked” at, but the quality of the work may or may not truly be “seen” or appreciated. Poetry is read therefor “looked” at, but when read out loud the message is “heard” and truly expressed from reader to listener. Since art is formed by human creativity and genius, poetry is the best form of art that to me properly expresses emotion with a message or lesson.

I agree in the artistic, expressive and emotional value poetry has with jsylvesterd and islam. But isn’t poetry when looking at the fundamentals always literary. When its narrated is it not read off some kind of text. The word literature is from the latin word “litterea” meaning letter, you have to use the letter to form words, and words are read or spoken. You can’t have complete poem or any at all without writing it down, and the whole purpose of writing it down, is so it can be read by others.

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