Blogging Assignment

Blogging Assignment:

For each of our online sessions, the class will be split up into groups. Each group will be responsible for filling one of the following roles for that class:*

First Readers: These students are responsible for posting initial questions, insights, and provocations about the assigned reading. These initial posts should be about 250 words and strive to be thoughtful, avoiding description and summary. The best posts will provoke thoughtful responses from readers.

— leave with open-ended question
— respond to Prof. Gold’s questions

Commenters: Commenters are responsible for adding 2 substantive responses (a total of about 250 words) to posts by first readers. They should respond directly to the points made in those posts and should seek to clarify, expand, or contend with the points made in those posts or to other commenters on the post. Commenters are also responsible for ensuring that each post on the blog during that week receives at least one cogent response.

— Commenters can/should ask their own questions
— Have a conversation/debate/discussion about the reading
— post a related link
— 1 comment on Thursday + 1 comment on Friday or Saturday

Seekers: Each student in this group will find and share at least one relevant online resource with the class in time for Thursday’s session. These resources might include news stories, journal articles, podcasts, and so on. In addition to linking to the resource, the seekers must provide a short (no more than a paragraph) evaluation of the resource, highlighting what makes it worthwhile, unusual, or, if appropriate, problematic.


Round-Up: Students in this group must collaborate on a single post that provides an overall round-up of all blog-related class discussions for that week. They should provide a compendium of links to all posts and a one-sentence summary of each. The round-up post should be updated throughout the week, as it will be kept as a sticky post at the top of the blog.

— Post should up by Friday, fully updated by Sunday at noon

Synthesizers: Each student in this group must come up with questions that arise from an online class session that can be used to jump-start discussion in the next in-person class. Synthesizers will have 5-10 minutes at the start of every class to present their synthesis.

Group 1: Amanda, Inna, Sze, Victor, Drucilla, Dixie
2/9/12: First Responders
2/16/12: Round-Up

Group 2: Keren, Emily, Islam, Derek, Raciel, Erika, Katya, Nica
2/9/12: Commenters
2/16/12: First Responders

Group 3: Lester, Chung, Famuel, Lorna, Kris, Caludashler
2/9/12: Seekers
2/16/12: Commenters

Group 4: Mohammad, Windy, Chris, Jessica, Ashley, Sandra
2/9/12: Round-up
2/16/12: Seekers

Group 5:
2/9/12: Synthesizers


* Thanks to Prof. Mark Sample for the model upon which this blogging assignment is based.

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