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The poem “The Silken Tent” by Robert Frost is about a woman being described as a silken tent with all of its different components. Frost tries to set up a picture in your mind and the setting is midday summer. The tent is a symbol of a women showing her characteristics as a strong woman because is says, “its supporting central cedar pole.”  The word freedom and bondage are two opposites of each other. The use of the words “slight bondage” gives more flexibility but you have certain restrictions. I started to think that being in a marriage could be a type of slight bondage because your “tied” to another individual but there are certain things you just can’t or your not allowed to do anymore. But being married doesn’t mean that all freedom is taken away from you but if you get a divorce your no longer bound to that person. Everyone has the right to freedom but due to society and rules all of us are held bondage to a certain extent. There is an alliteration in the 3rd line that says, “sunny summer breeze” and it follows a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD GG.


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