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Describe your experiences with the wikipedia assignment

1. Describe the process you went through when adding material to your wikipedia page

I’ve spent more time deciding on what words to use & research as much as I could for them. Once I found the best term to apply changes or additions to, I devoted as much time & attention to analyzing the content that has already been made public. Thankfully my term was able to be merged with another (foot/prosody merges with scansion). Scansion never mentioned its relevance to poetry, so I proposed to create that link using a reference from Western Wind: Intro to Poetry 5th Ed.

2. Describe what has happened to your content since you added it.


3. What did you enjoy about the experience and why?

I enjoyed noting something that has been overlooked by potentially pretentious cultural nerds.

4. What did you find difficult or frustrating about the assignment?

The fact that I will never feel the desire to do this again & I will not be able to take anything with me from this assignment.

5. Reflect on the differences between this kind of assignment and a typical course paper and why?

This assignment does not entail any expression or opinion as a typical poetry analysis does. I have to have resources to back up everything I say.

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