My experience..Wikipidia

1) The process i went through when adding materials to the wikipedia assignment was very terrifying because i have never done anything like this before; therefore i wasnt quiet sure how it would all turn out. It was hard figuring out how to cite certain things it took me a while to put everything together.

2) I am not sure what has happened to my addition it is still there and i dont believe there has been any comments.

3) The part i enjoy about this experience is probably the fact that i got the chance to contribute to wikipedia which i would never have done on my own.

4) The research was somewhat difficult, finding reliable sources and posting onto the site itself. I can be very nervous about having other people judge my work.

5) I think i prefer my typical course paper because it is not out there for the whole world to see. I rather have my professor give me his/her opinion.

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