My Experience With Wiki

  1. My process in trying to find material to add or edit, that was not taken already, or was of interest, was difficult. Most topics were already topics were already taken when I searched up and took a look on the OpenLab. One of my main topics was originally Anti-Poetry, but it was taken by other students. I wanted to focus on a topic not heard of or elaborated on. My second choice was to write about Rod Taylor, because of his poem: Dakota: October, 1822: Hunkpapa Warrior, which held dramatic irony, and had political and/or social message not widely heard or recognized. I could not find who was the different poems. So I decided to switch to another poet. The poet that I have decided to write the wikipedia post, was an unlikely and unrecognized poet. Bruce Lee was my choice, and had coincidently came to one of his poems online. The poems was read by Shannon Lee his daughter, it was what I was looking for. His poetry is untraditional or anti-poetic, which covered one of original topics, but now focused on Bruce Lee. The wikipedia page had almost everything but his poetry, so I decided to go for it.
  2. When I tried posting something on his page, I had to create an account, then later I found out that I need to edit at least 10, and wait 4 days before I can contribute to the Lee’s legacy. This because the page is semi-secure.
  3. Finding out more stuff about someone who inspires me, was a good experience. The wikipedia editing was certainly something new.
  4. The frustrating thing was to edit 10 pages and what 4 days in order to post or edit  something on the page.
  5. Paper assignments are more argumentative or just meant to be read by a less wider audience (probably professor only). Wikipedia is a more neutral point just general information for a world wide audience/viewers.
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