My Wikipedia Experience

I found the assignment to be quite interesting. It’s something I’ve never been told to do in school as an assignment and is quite different. I’ll take the opposing view and say that I found the Wikipedia assignment quite enjoyable. It’s way easier then writing a paper or essay and you can pick whatever topic you want on a poem you like or poet you might want to know more about. Many people in the class have said otherwise, but I’d rather do something simple and new then repetitive and boring. Some said the assignment was boring, but we all have different views on things.

I’ve never used Wikipedia before so posting my information was quite hard at first, but then I got use to it. I learned the different ways to edit the information and played in the sandbox with editing to see if it looked correctly. The way I¬†structured¬†the information I would say looked quite¬†amateurish, but I’ve learned¬†something¬†new and maybe I’ll decide to fix up another stub I find here and there if I find it interesting. I loved that I got to pick a topic on a poet I liked very much. His ideals and perception is something that I could relate to since I tend to gravitate towards the philosophical and scientific side of things.

The one flaw that I find in the assignment is that it might make people a bit lazy. You should definitely put a restriction on the amount of words or information you have to post. Some people may take advantage of the freedom and only post five sentences of information. Other then that, the assignment was great and it was probably the only assignment I enjoyed doing from all my classes this semester.

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