Wikipedia Assignment – DUE THURSDAY

For Thursday: post your work on Wikipedia.

* Remember to check out the resources in the original assignment as you work on your drafts.

* Between now and Thursday, please revise your post in line with feedback from your peer reviewer

* Consult the Wikipedia Manual of Style as you prepare your post. This will help you understand the formatting characters you’ll see on the wikipedia editing screen.

* Remember that this counts for 15% of your final grade, so take it seriously.


1. Create a wikipedia account
2. Practice editing a wikipedia page on the sandbox.

When you’re ready to post:
1. Log in and go to the stub that you are expanding.
2. Click “edit”
3. Add your content to the page.
4. Post a link to your edited page as a comment to this post

After you’ve posted your work, please keep track of what happens to it on wikipedia by visiting the page regularly and checking out the page history. We’re going to be doing some reflective writing on the process of editing wikipedia, so you should start thinking about how this differs from other types of writing you’ve done for your classes at City Tech.

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7 Responses to Wikipedia Assignment – DUE THURSDAY

  1. ashleygp says:

    The stub I expanded is on Monorhyme.

  2. Amanda says:

    I expanded a poetry stub on haikai.

  3. zapt says:

    I could not post anything on Wikipedia, my contribution was going to be for Bruce Lee’s poetry. I could not add anything because I need to have at least ten edits and I have wait 4 days. The EDIT section on wikipedia does not appear, I have made an account but I cant EDIT anything for Bruce Lee. I can only READ, VIEW SOURCE, and VIEW HISTORY. What can I do?

  4. Prof. Gold says:

    Well, if you are intent on posting to the Bruce Lee page, I suppose you’ll need to make at least ten edits elsewhere on Wikipedia and then wait four days. See if you can edit pages related to things you know — your neighborhood, your culture, books you’ve read, etc.

  5. zapt says:

    Ok then, but its gonna take me sometime; Im really busy during the week.
    Thanks Professor.

  6. Prof. Gold says:

    In this particular case, I’m happy to wait (and eager to see how the experiment turns out).

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