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Microbiology Lab Fall 2012

Microbiology Lab Fall 2012

The course, Fundamentals of Microbiology, has a lecture and laboratory component. The lecture focuses on the structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms, interaction between the microbe and the host, and human diseases. Laboratory sessions focus on pure culture techniques, methods of staining and the microscopic, colonial and biochemical identification of saprophytic organisms. Overall Class Learning Outcomes (1) Use analytical and critical thinking skills to approach a research project. (2) Develop basic microbiology laboratory techniques. (3) Differentiate the various types of test used in identifying and classifying pathogenic microorganisms. (4) Use the scientific method to gather, analyze, interpret and present field base research project

ENGL 2003: Introduction to Poetry

ENGL 2003: Introduction to Poetry

In this course, we will undertake a communal effort to understand, analyze, and interpret poetry written by authors from a range of historical periods, literary movements, and world cultures. As we seek to understand our course texts, we will consider poetic form, syntax, and meter. We will also explore the historical, biographical, and cultural contexts of the poets themselves. Group avatar: cc-licensed photo “National Poetry Slam [13]” by Flickr user Lost Albatross

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