Wikipedia Assignment: Draft #1

For Thursday, you should post the following as a blog post here on the OpenLab:

1. A link to your chosen wikipedia stub based on the assignment

2. A first draft of your revised text for the page. It should include:

— a reconfiguration/reorganization of the page if needed
— information from at least two sources found through City Tech’s library — at least one of them should be a book
— proper citations from authoritative texts

3. Please familiarize yourself with the following aspects of Wikipedia. Readings for Thursday:

About Wikipedia

the five pillars of Wikipedia:
Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.
Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view.
Wikipedia is free content that anyone can edit, use, modify, and distribute.
Editors should interact with each other in a respectful and civil manner.
Wikipedia does not have firm rules.

Wikipedia Primer for Newcomers (see particularly the section on citation)

Wikipedia editing policy

Wikipedia Manual of Style

As always, if you have any questions, please leave them below.

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5 Responses to Wikipedia Assignment: Draft #1

  1. islam says:

    Hi professor, would you like us first to post the information before editing the wiki page or do we do the assignment and post the before and after links

  2. Prof. Gold says:

    Please do not edit wikipedia yet. Drafts should be posted here as blog posts (please see the first sentence of the assignment above!).

  3. islam says:

    got it , thank you

  4. dlee says:

    Can our sources be from a text outside of the city tech library?  Ie: public library, a book we own, etc.

  5. Prof. Gold says:

    Generally, that should be fine. What’s most important is the provenance of the sources themselves — where was the book published, and by whom? How can we establish the reliability of the source by looking at information about the author, the press, etc.?

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