Class Notes – April 17, 2012

Close reading
present a deep understanding of a text
analyze various aspects of the poem: tone, patterns of rhyme, figurative language (denotative vs connotative meaning),

motif — a recurring idea throughout a text



— two key poles/perspectives
— opposite things/themes/motifs connected in some way

in what way is there a tension in “Acquainted with the Night” between the speaker’s loneliness and isolation and his attempts to connect to the world around him?

Close reading
— dissecting/analyzing work
— incorporating subject perception of the work
— accuracy assessed –> teacher assesses close reading using support of textual evidence as a key metric

academic essay
— subject elements shouldn’t enter in
— purely interpretation/facts
— research-based
— accuracy assessed –> teacher assesses essay — judging references

Wikipedia article
— factual
— edited by/in public
— accuracy assessed –>

Wikipedia community portal:


Wikipedia assignment:
— neutral point of view
— present facts
— use sources and cite your sources

Example of wikipedia page about a poem:

tension between motif of darkness/mystery of the night and the thrust of the poem towards knowledge/acquaintance?

leave room for opposing viewpoints

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