A Trip 2 Another Poetry Class

For this assignment, I’ve traveled to another poetry class and commented on a member’s posting. I learned that not many of the other classes are as interactive on Openlab as we are but there was a poem that stuck out to me on this poetry class site. The poem that i commented on was called “Mother-to-son” and i really related to it and i expressed on the post how much i related to the poem. No one replied to my post as of yet but I realized that one of our class members commented after me. This just helps me realize how people much other members interact on Openlab. I enjoyed this assignment because I liked exploring other classes and I see how attached I am to poetry now because I ended up commented on another poetry class. I interpreting the poem as being based on a mother encouraging a son to keep pushing towards his goals and never give up I life. I related to this poem because the mother reminded me of my friends and family who pushes me in the same way. There were two comments before mine and they seemed to have a similar outlook on the poem as I did. This experience was very interesting and I am still waiting on any replies to my post.


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