ENG 2003: Introduction to Poetry

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    Well, son I’ll tell you:
    Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
    It’s had tack in it,
    And splinters,
    And board torn up,
    And places with no carpet on the floor-
    But all the time
    I’se been a-climbin’ on.
    And reachin’ landin’s,
    And turnin’ corners,
    And sometimes goin’ in the dark
    Where there ain’t been no light
    So boy, don’t you turn back.
    Don’t you set down on the steps
    ‘Cause you find it’s kinder hard.
    Don’t you fall now
    For I’se still goin’, honey,
    I’se still climbin’,
    And life for me ain’t been no crystal stairs.



    This poem remind me of the hard times i face through out my life. Hurdles i have to face to reach my goals, sometimes i find myself stuck between wall where there’s no way out. I always tell my son reach for what you want, be successful because life for us has never been easy.



    Life for her was no crystal stair with its shine and clarity, clean cut and worthy going up. In this poem the stairs and climbing is used as extended methaphor to express the authors moving forward in life. Although the bar was a relief it was no bed of roses. She keeps on going to different difficult experiences even dark ones.
    “So son don’t you turn back” This feels deep and from the heart. It’s a warning to never linger or hesitate in your pursue to the top, because you would realize that looking back or stopping will also hurt and be hard. In line 17 she said don’t fall now meaning don’t quit now, because she herself is still climbing.



    I would agree with Apd123, the mother in this poem has been through alot of hardships and shes telling it all to her son. She even faces the unknown and at some point in life he would have to go through it as well. The poet, Langston Hughes uses metaphors , imagery , and figurative language to express what the mother is talking about . The main idea of this peom I believe is no matter when obstacles come at us, we can never give and should always continue trying our best to succeed.



    I’m visiting this course group from another Intro to Poetry class ad I would like to say that I find this particular poem to relate to my life and I agree with you all that this mother has been through some rough times and is preaching to her son to keep pushing. This mother reminds me of ma whole immediate family because they always remind me of the hard times they faught through n try to keep me from quiting and it works.



    hi my name is islam asmar, I am visiting from another poetry class and i was told to visit another open lab session and experiance another class conversation. You class mates didnt really conversate with eachother or give feedback comments on your classmates thaughts but i see that a few students posted their feeling and relation to the poem. Very good work but try to have more interactions as a class nit as solo students.
    This poem really means alot to me because i lost a mother and an aunt last month due t cancer and i was down to my lowest point, but no matter what , the message of this story was to keep on pushing through even tho you meet all these bumps and cracks and pins in the ground. thank you i enjoyed this class participation

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