Assignment 3/8

                At the beginning of the course we were asked to define poetry, I defined it as something that makes you feel some type of emotion. This class has helped me to realize that not all poetry has such a purpose and that not all writers have such intentions. The most interesting thing that I have learned about so far was the difference between “anti-poetry” and classic “wonderland” poetry. The two poems by Shakespeare, one called “Winter” and the other called “Winter Fairyland in Vermont” exhibited the difference beautifully. They each possessed a special uniqueness although they were talking about the same subject. Before I took this class, whenever I thought of poetry the “wonderland” type of writing would come to mind. I would picture everything written beautifully with special effects such as the line “When lanes are fairylands in white”.  Now knowing that there is a different type of poetry I actually prefer that style and look up poems that use it. My way of thinking about poetry has changed because I no longer see poetry as the impossible to interpret. I’ve acknowledged that there is no right or wrong answer; I also appreciate this fact as well because it is interesting to hear the interpretations of others. Learning the different types of techniques is also helpful because now I am aware of certain things such as when the author ends with a couplet in a sonnet. This helps me to understand the significance of the poem and notice some of the writers intentions.


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3 Responses to Assignment 3/8

  1. sze.h says:

    I agree that there is no right or wrong in poetry and that it is very interesting to see so many people interpret the poems differently like how we had the discussion of the poem “The Sick Rose”.

  2. Keren Gedeon says:

    I realize that there are different types of poetry and that it’s definitely more than pretty word, happy go lucky, love. It’s fun learning about different styles of poetry. It’s also really fun and interesting to attempt to interpret poetry and to hear other classmates opinion of what is going on in the poem.

  3. Amanda says:

    I like how you talked about anti-poetry and classic “wonderland” poetry because it all comes to show that not all poets think of things in a “normal” or straightforward way.

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