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We were asked in our first blog posts to define poetry.  I found that poetry cannot simply be defined, it is something ambiguous.  I felt poetry to be something that is experienced by individual readers and therefore has no one true meaning.  After a few class discussions, i have begun to discover a recurring similarity between all of the poems that we’ve discussed.  The ability for a reader to interpret poetry and dissect it into so many different parts, explanations, and meanings, that the original face image of a poem is warped into something that can be so abstract, that the poem can no longer be looked at without provoking a creative thought about it.  I realized this during a class discussion on “The Sick Rose” by William Blake; our class had spent so much time dissecting every word within the poem that at the end of our discussion, the poem now had multiple meanings and personal viewpoints.  I am finding that throughout the course of this semester, I am delving further into the meaning of a poem more than i have before, and going beyond just reading between the lines.  I feel that its possible that I am over-analyzing the poems now, and this could prove to be a problem.

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  1. I agree with you In that poetry is ambiguous and everyone experiences it differently- but what has been your experiences with poetry ?

  2. dlee says:

    My experience so far is that I have never really analyzed poetry to the extent of how we are doing in class currently and it is interesting.

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