Utopia and Dystopia:

Please describe your perfect world (imagined:)) or worst world and describe the world (UTOPIA OR DYSTOPIA–PLEASE LOOK UP THE WORDS IF YOU WERE NOT IN CLASS). Please use as many details as possible, full sentences, you can even write this as a very short story–you can explain events that led to the utopian or dystopian society. This should be at least 6 to 10 sentences. If you wrote yours in class last week, you can simply post here. PLEASE POST BY THURSDAY, NOV 30TH**


  1. Elina

    In my Utopia, I see no discrimination. Everyone has their own differences but as a society or nation, we see each other as one, as if we have no differences at all. A city where every block you turn on, the streets are clean with a trash bin on every corner. Homelessness does not exist because the government provides these people with housing and jobs to start off with. In my Utopia, kittens are provided in every household and a monthly check of 300 to be able to take care of the kitten.Each home has a huge backyard, and depending on the family size, there will be a room for each person in the home to have their own space.

  2. Julio Verdugo

    In a dystopian world everything has gone into utter chaos their was never an agreement between countries for world peace and things only ever escalated between huge countries causing a new world war. The two big power houses of U.S.A and Russia began nuclear war causing normality and safety to be gone. Everyday having to go under bunkers and not having the freedom to do anything you want anymore as everything above the ground is gone to bits just dust and smoke, as the radiation of the bombs are higher then ever. All this happening because a crime syndicate attacked the kremlin accusing the U.S.A of attacking events escalated and Russia attacked America first declaring war its been a non-stop bombing for the past 4 years as no agreement between both countries can be made.

    • Leigh Gold

      all too imaginable!:(. Great job!

  3. Nour Bahlool

    In an imagined utopia, there is a world where everywhere is clouds and people can jump on the clouds and sleep in them. There is also an organized government and no famine or war and everyone is comfortable in life. Everyone has a group of friends and is able to see them normally and do whatever they want.

    • Leigh Gold

      I really love this cloud image! Sounds incredible and magical!

  4. Rosdnier Grullon

    In my Utopia world there is no fighting no wars no diseases everyone is friendly with each other. Countries aren’t at war with one another and makes trades that benefits them. All the problems in the world have been solved. There are no homeless people since everyone has a home. In this Utopia world is equal no one has more power over the other. Everyone is at equal footing there is no hate towards one another due to the color of there skin or the rage they come from. Everyone is treated with love and respect. The past has been left behind and the people are looking forward to the future of the new peaceful world and they are also looking forward towards there own futures as well. It was the start of a new beginning that would change life forever.

  5. Shannel

    A world where peace was considered a normalcy. Where my mind isn’t always attacked by the ongoing distribution and it’s task of becoming an adult. A place where things come east and joy was the standards not the bare minimum. A reality, in which crime was non existent, and where you didn’t have to work to create a living. A place where sleep was more than an escape or a place of getting rest. A place with complete peace. No violence no stress just tranquility. A place for me, my utopia.

  6. Kimberly

    In my utopia there’s no panic or violence. Being able to take public transportation without the uneasy feeling that if you look at someone the wrong way you’re in danger.Being able to walk the streets not needing to look over your shoulder and be alert. Being able to live life without the anxious feeling of living paycheck to paycheck. Without the agitation of needing to hold onto money incase of an increase on necesites or an emergency. No anxiety, only peace of mind. 

    • Leigh Gold

      EXcellent…I think many can relate to this…

  7. Christopher Ortega

    In my utopia there is no violence or crime, no racial segregation, no world hunger, world peace, and people work hard to be what they want to be. Also when you’re an adult you don’t have to pay no bills or taxes and you can live wherever you want in the world. Everyone knows and is cool with each other and says what’s up to each other when they pass each other on the street. Not one problem would be in the world.

    • Leigh Gold

      I love this!

  8. Eshal

    In my dystopia there would be a lot of chaos and betrayal, lack of resources and sleep. the world would be in a destructive condition and the survival rate of the people alive would be high, sickness is very common, there’s a lot of weird creatures lurking around which people must avoid, not enough water supply to maintain hygiene and water intake. basically a very chaotic and hectic world where every day you wake up and wonder if you’ll make it out alive or if it’ll be your last.

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