Assignment #1

cash mitch says:

Is the internet making us stupid or are we stupid for relying on the internet for everything? That the question I ask.

Today we rely solely on the internet for everything and refuse to use other resources. For instance if you google any terminology the first thing that comes up is a wikipedia post. Some often think it is reliable. When any one can make up any thing and post it to wikipedia as Harlan Cleveland said, “where is the life we have lost in living? where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

We should realize that not everything on the internet is true. But if everything on the internet isn’t true where do we get information? From the tool used long ago which is becoming to extinct due to social networks and search engines and that is “BOOKS”.

As long as the centuries continue to unfold the number of Books will grow continually,” so “one can predict a time will come when it will be almost difficult to learn anything from books as from the direct study of the whole universe.
Denis Diderol.
This quote is so true because today we are so consume with the social network and take information from these peoples life as if it is true fact. If we have a problem we just post the problem on facebook, twitter,etc and any idiot on the next side can answer as if they have the answers. We need to examine where and how we obtain information because we are only making our own self stupid not the internet, but we are doing it by ourselves. So I greatly agree with the book when it says information should filtered.

Technical Writing 101
“Writing about new technology means that you can’t possibly be expected to know everything about the new stuff.” This is very valuable to know because we think we are given an assignment to write about something new because we are expected to know. But with a little research and familarizing ourselves with the new technology will help us in the long run.

“Sometimes you can get information from other folks who know the product or are learning about it.” It is not bad to ask for help when it is needed fromothers so don’t be ashame or too proud to ask someone else for help.

Who is better than the people you know to try out a technical writing material that you have written than your family. “If you’re writing continent for the general public, consider using the, family member test- ….” This is an advantage because they will give you their honest opinion and let you know if the writing is hard to understand.
Cash Mitch

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