Business Letter:

Alan S. Pringle and Sarah S. O’Keefe

Technical Writing 101 (A Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Center)

Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc

PO Box 12761

Research Triangle Park

NC 27709-2761


Dear Mr.Pringle and Ms.O’Keefe:

            Purpose of my writing is to inform you about some weaknesses of your book, “Technical Writing 101” comparing to David Weinberger’s “Too Big To Know” which deals with similar aspects of technology approach to information.  Take this letter as a consideration to improve your future edition.

            David Weinberger’s work not only takes reader to world of digital information but also but also explains it genesis. He takes reader trough all steps from data which is base to everything, then he goes to information which evolves form data and finally he finishes on knowledge. Also his book explains how to use today mean of information, which is network and its different means of how they are provided get knowledge effectively out of it, while your book just explains technical terms of using it. Like mentioned above the information can be provided by video, recording, presentation etc. Those are the most important source of information as they travel trough the network with speed of light and are used many times as source of information about all kinds of events, which for many are only source of information.

            Again please take into consideration those small issues which if fixed can I improve you book in way that user will not only know how to write manual or email correctly using computer and editing software but also will be aware of today meaning of network as mean of information which shapes people opinions and guides for them through their actions.


Krzysztof  Zagroba


Dear Mr. Pringle and Ms.O’Keefe,

Hope that you are doing well. I am sending you this email to tell you how I feel about your book. I was not fully satisfacted with it and wanted talk to you about It. Comparing your book “Technical Writing 101” to David Weinberger’s “Too Big To Know” I need to say that Weinberger’s book consists much better explanations to readers and it’s much easier to understand and read. In my opinion Weinberger’s has everything what was missing in your work like: definitions of technical terms or taking the reader through all steps from data which is base to everything. This small points may not sound like big deal but they are very important for the readers and students like me. I hope that I didn’t offense you in anyway. I just wanted to give you my small feedback that may be helpful in creating future editions.


One of your readers-Krzysztof


I think that David Weinberger’s book your book “Too Big To Know” is better and easier for readers than your book “ Technical Writing 101”. I suggest that you may read it and consider some changed in your work based on Weinberger’s book.

Voice Mail:

Good morning Mr. Pringle and Ms.O’Keefe!

This is Krzysztof Zagroba. I am City Tech College student. I am calling you because I wanted to talk to you about your book “ Technical Writing 101” . After reading your book and David Weinberger’s book “Too Big To Know” I did some “compare and contrast” time line that I wanted to discuss with you. I have some suggestion that may be useful for you. I hope that you will find time to call me back to I can tell you my feelings and provide you a feedback. Please call me back at: 1347-xxx-xxxx.Thank you.

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