Assignment 1

Too Big Too know

In the Too Big To Know, the prologue by David Weinberger’s, he talks about the crisis of knowledge.

The following quote, shows about the concept of the paper and pen is most important in our human lives, that means if we depend on technology thing every day, we will lost the basic human skill like using paper and pen.

Who writes—contrasts the solid traces we used to leave behind with the digital dust we currently leave in our wake: more of it for sure, but also more likely to be blown away by a hard-drive failure or a change from floppies to CDs to DVDs to Blu-Rays to whatever comes next and next after that.

The following quote quote means internet search engines is making people stupid.

Google is degrading our memories. Google is making us stupid. The Internet loves fervid, cult-driven amateurs and drives professionals out of business. The inter net represents the ascension of yahoos, a victory lap for plagiarists, the end of culture, the beginning of a dark ages inhabited by glassy-eyed chronic masturbators who judge truth by the number of thumbs up, wisdom by the number of views, and the knowledge by whatever is the most fun to believe.

The following quote quote means the internet have a lot of information, but no people to regulatory that information.  Nowadays, most children go to internet read people’s comment or post, and they don’t read newspaper. That makes some fake knowledge going to be real.

The internet is an unedited mash of rumor, gossips, and lies. It splinters our attention and spells the end of reflective, long-form thought.


Technical Writing

A technical writer is like a acter who use writing skill to perform a reliable story, even the story isn’t real, but they can use technical writing skill to make it real, that is a really translator.

A technical writer is really a translator. You start with a complicated piece of technology, and your mission is to explain to a nonexpert how to use that technology.

Technical, this word isn’t means the technology thing for a technical writer. Be a writer, we should understand what we going to write, and we have a lot of knowledge in mind and use technical writing skill to perform the word out.

The “technical” part of technical writing doesn’t necessarily mean that you must be a programmer, electrical engineer, or other hardcore techie. However, you should be comfortable with and have some basic knowledge about the technology you’ll be documenting. For example, if you plan to become a software technical writer, you should understand how to use an operating system (such as Windows), and you should be comfortable using various applications.

For the technical writer, except we know most writing skill and knowledge before writing. We also have to know the communication about the technical communication. The is very important.

Writing skills are an essential component technical communication.  It seems terribly obvious to say that a technical writer should be able to write, but it’s necessary to point this out.


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One Response to Assignment 1

  1. EJBailon says:

    I really liked your analysis of the quotes on “Too Big to know.” The part where the author says how Google is the plague to our current generation is difficult to debunk. As students we have seen first hand how people copy and paste ideas that have already been copied from others. The internet makes it extremely easy to become lazy and jump straight to wiki pages for an easy answer. Youtube, a place where anyone can share their opinion and rate comments becomes a place where the most valuable comments appear on top regardless of their truth value. Popularity plays a role on what is considered knowledge.
    For your second reading I would suggest to mention some of the pitfalls a technical writer should avoid. You included some of the good points the author mentioned. It would be nice to see some warnings of what not to do. Here is a recommended reading on this topic:

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