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Too Big Too Know – Prologue, Chapter 1

“The internet may not be making me and you stupid but it sure looks like its making a whole bunch of other people stupid” Meaning we have easy access to every crazy idea people put forward today at our fingertips.

“And not just any network Knowledge is taking on the shape of the internet”
This contradicts the first quote because there is vast amount of knowledge on the internet even if some people opinions sound crazy. It is up to us how serious we take every idea

The author uses the term filtering as in we have a over load in information that can overwhelm us
But today filters have been turned inside out and instead of reducing information and hiding it increases information.

Technical Writing 101
“Initial ignorance ability to pretend ignorance can be a valuable asset when your writing content”
“You cant possibly be expected to know everything about the new stuff”
“its up to you to learn the product with little or no help” contradicts both quotes from the book
You should know the same issues people who buy your product have. You need to understand the fundamentals of what ever your selling.

Mickael Lall

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