Dear Future ENG1121 students

Hello my name is Abdulla Hassan. I would like to share my experince with you guys that what is look like taking online ENG 1121 course.  I take ENG1121 course online on this Fall of 2020, only because I am writing this letter to be of little help to you guys who are going to take this course on online in future.  This semester all classes were online including this class, but the only difference was for this course it was asynchronous, its means we don’t meet as person in online whole class together. Every weeks on Monday and Wednesday Prof post assignment, so you guys have to do two assignment in every week. Make sure you keep up with the agenda and read all the announcements. Most of the assignment were smaller work and not difficult at all, we had to post our responses here on OpenLab. If you are very organized with the work and submit all your work on time, you should be fine. You have to do three Unit assignment that was quite difficult and interesting . For me personally all three unit was very useful because it helps me to organize my ideas when doing research and assists in understanding the material.

Lastly I want to say best of luck with the online class. Don’t be stress and scare about the course, our Prof Garcia is super helpful and understandable, so if you are confuse about the class work or something about the assignment, just let the Prof know and you should be fine.

Good Luck

Abdulla Hassan