Hello, my name is Beddour, I took ENG1121 in fall 2020 with professor Ruth Garcia. I am writing to you to tell you about my experience in this class and give you some advice I wished someone would’ve told me before.

I would advise you to give importance to the weekly small assignments as much as they give to the big assignments. Weekly assignments are not just something you do to hit the deadline, they are really building your major assignment and making it easier. That’s something from my personal experience, as in any assignment that I really did not focus on its small parts, I found myself lost on the time I needed to write the big assignment. Lastly, focus on writing strategies for each article and borrow some techniques.

One of the reading in this class was Mary Wollstonecraft letter. It was a really interesting reading as she fights for women rights through out the letter and convince the receiver about her point of view using different writing techniques and different strategies. I learned a lot from this letter. It also inspired me to choose to write about women rights and gender inequality on my last two assignments.

The multimodal repurposing assignment seems difficult but it’s not. Try to enjoy it and do not think too much. you have the freedom to explain your topic by any media you want, it’s an opportunity you will not get often.

Online classes are not that bad as I thought it would be. You need just to be organized. Time management and organization are the keys to success on any online class.

What I learned in this class are different type of assignments that I never heard of and I can use on other classes. I learned some good skills in writing and some writing strategies from the articles we read. I also learned hoe to divide my assignment into small pieces and organize it in a good way.