How are educational centers inculcating gender inequality in our children?

I got interested in this particular subject because as a female, I feel that gender inequality is such a big problem in today’s society. After all, it does not let all people from different genders have the same opportunity. While researching about gender inequality I wondered what or where are the places in which we learn or experience gender inequality and what can we do to change that. I realized that there are so many places where a person can experience gender inequality, but the one that got my attention is the educational centers. We go to educational centers since we are 2 years old, or 3 years old. Therefore it would be fair to say that educational centers play such an important role in any person’s beliefs, personality, likes, etc. Since girl enter to an education center they are being stereotype, and in some countries girls are never expected to get a proper education because they are forced into domestic work and marriage.