Week 14: Monday, 5/3 – Friday, 5/7

Tuesday, 5/4 (asynchronous: Unit 3 submission due by 11:59 pm.)

  • SUBMIT UNIT 3: Multimodal Project  
  • Write a Post that includes the following in the body of your post:
    • a Google link to your Unit 3 assignment.
    • a  short reflection of a paragraph explaining your thoughts and feelings about composing in a multimodal genre.
  • Before publishing your post, make sure you do the following:
    • Title it “Unit 3: Multimodal Project”
    • Pick the category “Unit 3”
    • Set the visibility of this post to “private,” Go to the top left corner of the post page, click on the word “edit” next to “Visibility: Public” and choose private

Thursday, 5/6 (synchronous session)

READING (look these over before coming to class):

  • Read through all your work so far this semester and the comments you received.
  • Read through the assignment guidelines for the “Final Reflection and Portfolio.”
  • Look over your work from this semester (all small and large assignments).

Classwork: Thinking about revisions, the final reflection, and final portfolio