Prof. Garcia | ENG 1121 - O427 | Spring 2021

Finalizing the Research Question

What kind of government assistance can be given to the homeless to help protect against the pandemic in NYC?

I got interested in the research question because everywhere I travel to in New York City, I always see people sleeping on trains and sidewalks. There are always people who are asking for money on the trains, sidewalks, and buildings. So I started thinking about what exactly is affecting homelessness in New York City? The amount of people who become homeless rise each year and the pandemic has made it worst because many people have lost their jobs and cannot pay rent. It increased the amount of homeless and it seems to only be getting worst, the government is not fully helping the rise in homeless issue, as far as I see. I got interested because with all the things I’ve seen I asked myself how would I feel if I was in that position? Many times I think at any moment I could be placed in the same position as many homeless people are in, so I really wanted to understand exactly what a homeless person must go through? The answers I assume I am going to find is government covid relief checks, homeless shelters, and possibly vaccines. These are a few assistance that seems to probably help people during the pandemic.

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  1. Ruth Garcia

    You ask a really interesting and genuine question in your paragraph–you ask, what is it like to be homeless during the pandemic? How is the pandemic affecting the experiences of those who are already homeless. You might consider using it for your overall question–just do a preliminary search to make sure you can find information for it.

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