Week 8: Monday, 3/22 – Friday, 3/26

****In case you’re interested in watching, here is the full performance of Antigone in Ferguson.  As I said in class, it is really worth your time and it makes the play and the issues it deals with more visible.

 Tuesday, 3/23 (asynchronous: work due on our class site by 11:59 pm)

WRITING: Finalizing the Research Questions and Research Prep Day

  • Return to the questions you still have about the social justice issue you will research, and review them along with any comments I have provided.
  • Do further preliminary searching to fine tune your research question.
  • Decide on your overall research question. My comments should help you do this.
  • Set a timer. Spend 15 minutes writing a substantial paragraph answering the following: How did you get interested in your research question? Why are you interested? What answers and information do you expect to find in response to your research question? (These notes are for you and will not be posted.)
  • Write a Post that includes the following:
    • Your finalized research question.
    • The paragraph you wrote during your 15 minutes of writing.
  • Before publishingyour post, make sure you do the following:
    • Title it “Finalizing the Research Question”
    • Pick the category “Unit 2”

Thursday, 3/25 (synchronous session)

 Classwork: Antigone Day 3

  • We will continue to discuss and write about the text during our virtual Zoom class session. Here is the link for class