Prof. Garcia | ENG 1121 - O427 | Spring 2021

Discussion: Brainstorming Topics for the Unit 2 Assignment

Use commenting to respond to do the following:

Antigone’s feelings about what happened to her brother Polyneices and the injustice done to him move her to action. What are some social justice issues (local or global) that you feel strongly about and might inspire you to act? Make a list of at least three issues (think about laws, policies, movements, etc.). Really search for an issue or a problem– local, national, global– that matters to you and that you have questions about. Brainstorm a list.


  1. Vanesa

    -Economic Inequality(Middle Class, Top 1% etc. both locally and globally)
    -Lack of Healthcare Reform
    -Lack of Mental Heath Awareness

  2. Moushmi Gopaul

    • There’s a lack of affirmative action programs within society.
    • Government should increase funding of health care for low-income individuals.
    • Increasing taxes on the wealthy in order to lower student loan interest rates.
    • Getting rid of the electoral college.
    • Raising the federal minimum wage.
    • Lack of environmental regulations to stop climate change.
    • Prison reform (reducing recidivism rates)

  3. Pauline Li

    1. Gender Inequality
    2. Xenophobia in the Asian community
    3. Food insecurity

  4. Marcus Marston

    1)Police Brutality
    2)job market
    3)school shootings

  5. Victor Chulco

    1. hate crime
    2. gentrification

  6. Jenny Lu

    1) Xenophobia/Prejudice towards Asians.
    2) Gender Inequality.
    3) Education System should be free and accessible for everyone.

  7. Tanya

    1. Social worker failure / abuse
    2. Immigration
    3. Health insurance problems

  8. Tanya

    1. Social worker failure / abuse
    2. Immigration
    3. Health insurance problems

  9. Victoria Powell

    1.) Black lives matter
    2.) Poverty and Homelessness
    3.) Racial discrimination
    4.) Income gap
    5.) Bullying
    6.) Accessible education

  10. Abbigail Cleary

    1. Gender inequality
    2. Racial Injustice
    3. Healthcare availability
    4. materialism

  11. Fady Aziz

    1.Racial discrimination
    2.Police brutality
    3.Gender inequality

  12. Billie Adams

    1. Will in-person school be mandatory or optional in the Future?
    2. Should a driver’s license be issued to older persons?
    3. Should insurance companies charge less for a virtual office visit?
    4. Is mask-wearing political?
    5. An independent body addressing sexual harassment issues in offices.

  13. Andrew Lops

    – Inaccessible Education
    – Public Colleges Should be Free
    – Low-Income families, not receiving help
    -Black Lives Matter
    – the stigma against anti-helping homeless people
    – Hate/violence towards BIPOC

  14. Jeffrey Marin

    1. Unequal Pay
    3.Racial Injustice

  15. Selena Ortiz

    1. Black Lives Matter
    2. Climate Change
    3. Gender Inequality

  16. Justin Pope

    1. Wealth Inequality
    2. Police Brutality
    3. College Should Be More Affordable

  17. Michael Batista

    1. Racial Inequality
    2. Crime Rates
    3. Poverty

  18. Alison

    -Gender Inequality

  19. Eimon

    1. Police brutality
    2. Black Lives Matter
    3. Religious roots of racism
    4. gender inequlity

  20. Diana

    1- Police Brutality
    2- Gentrification
    3- Immigration
    4- Healthcare

  21. Ryan Mangal

    1. Abortion
    2. Gender Inequality
    3. Black Lives Matter Movement

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