Week 3: Monday, 2/15 – Friday, 2/19 (Monday 2/15, College is Closed)

See here for my response to your 2/9 posts on Swales.

See  Prof. Hall’s Discourse Community Presentation –these are the slides I showed in class and that you asked for.

Tuesday, 2/16 (asynchronous: work due on our class site by 11:59 pm)


  • Mary Wollstonecraft “Dedicatory Letter” to A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, pages1-3 (scroll down to find these pages)

WRITING: Responding to Wollstonecraft

  • Write a Post in which you do the following (approximately 200-250 words):  
    • Why is she writing this letter? What is the issue she identifies?
    • Explain why Wollenstonecraft sees the issue as a problem.
    • After reading this letter, how would you identify Wollstonecraft’s discourse community? Does the recipient seem to be a part of this group or outside of it? 
  • Before publishingyour post, make sure you do the following:
    • Title it “Responding to Wollstonecraft” 
    • Pick the category “Unit 1”
  • Respond to the Discussion Question “Wollstonecraft’s Writing Strategies”: Describe one of Wollstonecraft’s writing strategies that gets your attention. Explain what she is doing and why it caught your attention. (Remember: for the Unit 1 Assignment, you will be writing your own speech or letter.)


Thursday, 2/18 (synchronous session)

 RESOURCES (look this over before coming to class):

 Class Work: Looking at Letters and Discourse Communities Research

  • We will discuss Henderson and Wollstonecraft.
  • We will use part of this class to begin working on Unit 1. To make your time the most useful, you should do the following:
    • Decide which discourse community and issue you will use for your Unit 1 Assignment before you come to class.
    • Come prepared to do preliminary online research and free writing during class.