Robert Capa and The Greatest War Photograph

Just like anything famous and newsworthy, Robert Capa’s “Falling Soldier” is not immune to any controversy. The photo presents a harrowing moment during war–the precise moment of death of a soldier–and that in itself is that attractive element that perhaps propelled it to become ‘The Greatest War Photograph’ of all time. The shock of capturing death is indeed riveting, especially at that point and time in history, and to expertly do so is genius, and therefore would understandably garner the attention of the critics. I personally feel that Knightley and Gallagher’s allegations are pretty lackluster, missing the backing of a solid, air tight evidence. What also took my attention was Knightley’s pettiness even after being proven wrong. Whelan makes very credible points while defending Capa, on top of enlisting the expertise of a chief homicide detective. Now, given the compelling facts in favor of Capa, doesn’t Knightley realize that with his persistence, he is actually making Capa look even more heroic than he already is?

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