Hands Up, Dont Shoot

Although controversial, there is an immense truth behind Robert Frank’s photographs.  The faces of Americans working “nine to five just to stay alive”, expressions of tiredness and discontent. We all live in this huge mass, surrounded by water, a land where our President is considered to be the most powerful man alive, we have to save face, some may argue that we are inclined to put our best foot forward.  The land of the free, a land were each individual is granted certain rights and freedoms. I absolutely hate talking about race, so this blog post will be very short.  Just as Robert Frank photographs show a true depiction of life in New York City, at a particular time in history, where segregation was an issue then, and racism is still a huge issue today. There was one photograph that really stood out to me, the picture of the little girl with her hands held up and her siblings.  I wondered if it was indeed just an act of imitation, she looked very young , too young to fully comprehend the matter at hand.   She was happy and had a lovely smile, I wonder if children naturally see the world in the shades of grey, where we are all alike, and the only thing that separates us from one another is my character.

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