The connection between these phototgraph taken at Ferguson and Kent State is that you can see the casualities of protesting. In Ferguson people are being pelted with tear gas canisters and rubber bullets. In the Kent State photo a protester was killed, which is where you ask when will they realize that thats not how to handle things. Scott Olson even goes as far as to say the police trying to control the sitituation in Ferguson are overarmed for the situatuion and that even the police in the ukraine were not this armed. The police in the Ukraine were not as armed? You really have to ask yourself the situation in Ferguson is smaller then the situitaion in the Ukrain, then why are the police in Ferguson armed like they are battling the crisis in the Ukrain. Eventually, rubber bullets will become real bullets and the caniters of tear gas will turn in water cannons. I feel that Police should have there guns turned into guns that only fire rubber bullets and a special squad of police with real bullets can step in if really needed.

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