Photographs from Ferguson

The recent events that have taken place here in the United States, resonate deeply with me as the mother of a biracial teenager, as a resident of Staten Island as a citizen of the United States but most importantly as a human being. Although I briefly studied the events that took place at Kent State many years ago, I don’t think the situation or Filo’s image touched me as deeply then, as it did when we viewed it this week in class. The photograph by Filo and the many by Olsen, for me represent an imagery of our Federal and State governments that simply should not be. An attack on citizens of the United States by military and militarized police is extremely difficult for me to fathom despite the photographic evidence shared by both photographers and my personal experiences here in NYC this past week. Further troublesome, was to learn that there is a desire to remove the topic of Kent State from our textbooks as if an instance of sheer brutality, inflicted on American citizens by the very people sworn to protect them, can simply be erased from our history books. It only makes me wonder what will be written in the textbooks about the protests of 2014, forty-five years from now.

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