Brianna Vasquez’s Rock Star Food Behind the Scenes

I found the photographs by Henry Hargreaves to be extremely intuitive. Although, I believe that the celebrities’ requests are rather outlandishly absurd, Hargreaves manages to capture it in the most creative ways. These photographs displayed a certain point of view into the lives of these icons in order to understand and learn through a brief glimpse about their personalities. It simultaneously evokes the similarity to Flemish, the still life paintings by the arrangement and lighting of each item that was requested. My favorite photograph was the food request for the New Kids on the Block which was Häagen-Dazs ice cream and Oreo cookies. I admired the way the ice cream melts into the cookies that are specifically notable for being a dunkable cookie with milk. It is very appealing to the eyes to be able to visualize the melted ice cream as it leaks onto the sandwich cookies until the cookies begin to disintegrate.

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