Photography And Special Effects in Early Film

After watching this film of Georges Melies, A Trip to the Moon, I would indeed regard it as a masterpiece. Of course in today’s society, this piece would be looked at as the work of an amateur of some sort. However, in 1902 there was not another body of work that had the sophisticated special effects that A Trip to the Moon did. One scene that really stood out to me, were the explorers traveling across the mushroom filled landscape. Another scene that left an impression would be the animation of the missile traveling descending from above and plummeting in the ocean. While watching this film all that came to mind with this being the first sci-fi movie, was that these scenes resembles images straight out of a dream. With early photography, people were just limited to an instance of a piece of history that could be preserved for a long time. With early film, that gave people the option of documenting entire life events or situations with the ability of playback. Melies was able to take his imagination and project it on to screen, in a manner that would create awe in all of its viewers through early film

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