Why Does It Look Delish?


In an antique shop a couple of months ago, I came across some variously shaped vintage pastry molds. So last week I decided to take them out and put them to use. I made lemon buttermilk bundt cakes. While all of them are made from the same batter, I chose to finish them differently for some added appeal. I think there are several factors that make these cakes look delicious, the combination of the three shapes together, the contrast between the color of the powdered sugar and the golden brown baked color of the stars, as well as the contrast offered by the design of the glaze against the sprinkling of powdered sugar. When serving these, knowing that the taste of each would be exactly the same, everyone reached for a different cake, only proving to me that “delicious” doesn’t necessarily look the same to all.

1 thought on “Why Does It Look Delish?

  1. Those look absolutely delicious. Although they are all from the same base cake recipe, the variety shapes and sizes as well as the array of topping decorations help evoke a different sense of the word “delicious”.

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