Food Texture.

This is a picture of a slice of chocolate mousse cake.  The photographer was able to catch the perfect angle of the cake, showcasing the various features of the cake with hopes of moistening the palettes of those soon to digest it. Looking at the picture, you can see three different layers of the cake; each with its own unique taste. Analyzing the cake, you first start of with the chips of dark chocolate at the top. Crisp, smooth, and rich are all qualities that I am able to feel due to the picture. That was the main purpose of this picture I believe, to create the taste of the cake just by simple observation. Next are the layers of whip cream/cream/vanilla mousse and chocolate mousse. Light, smooth, and creamy are all sensations provoked also by this picture. Last but not least, the bottom layer is a chocolate sponge. Fluffy and moist are elements of a good sponge cake, and can also be sensed in this photo.cake

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