Leah Morgan. Taking pictures of food.

Long before I started this class or even read the article taking pictures of food was one of my ways of advertising.I have always loved cooking and entertaining. On a weekend my apartment would be filled with friends and family who all came for the same reason. To savor some delicious Caribbean dishes they have not had in a long time. One day I decided to take it further. I decided rather than giving food away for free I will offer my friends these meals at a fraction of the cost than what they would have paid on the streets. One of my ways of advertising was Facebook. I took pictures of the food that I had prepared and told them this is what they can get if they came to my home. This was my break through. I went a step further by also sharing photos of my cakes that I made in the past, and as a result I got more customers. I have dedicated a few albums on my fb page for just my food and cake. Every now and then I get people sending me questions can you please help me with a recipe or tell me why my food don’t look or taste like yours. I enjoy taking pictures of food because I show people you don’t have to be in St. Lucia to enjoy a good St. Lucian meal. Most of my pictures are taken with my Iphone 4S. I’m due for an upgrade, but as for now I’m quite content with the quality of photos I get.



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